Bedroom Paint Refresh

Sunday was our last day of break for the holidays. I was feeling plenty refreshed so I convinced my husband to help me repaint our daughter’s bedroom. I had grown tired of the bright color and was ready for a softer change up that still complimented her bedding and accessories.

I still like the teal color we had on the walls previously but we’ve had that for her room for the last 3 houses now, so a change feels so nice. It is more cohesive with all of the other colors in our home, too.

I’ll share the BEFORE photos from prior to us moving in:

Below is the color we painted when we first moved in SW Aquatint (notice the trim has been updated and changed as well. The trim color is SW Pure White):

Below is the new softer color, SW Topsail. I’m hoping to add new blinds this year and she’s ready for a mirror as she’s getting a little older. Rugs and changing the light fixture would be a great addition as well. Step by step. Even if you can’t change everything in a room all at once, paint makes a huge difference.


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