Painted Brick Before and After

Hi there,

The house has been painted. After painting several paint samples and debating the color for over a month, we finally chose SW Creamy. I wanted a fresh creamy with only a small amount of yellow in it. I didn’t want to have the house look beige, just a soft creamy. I have seen many homes around our area be painted lately and there is a fine balance between going too white and too yellow. My best piece of advice would be to find a house you like and go up to the door and simply ask what the house color is. I did this very thing in our neighborhood. Then I painted that sample along with a few more on the house to help make my decision. I ended up going a little creamier than the one I originally had asked about.

For the shutters originally I had picked SW Natural Hue, but at the last minute switched to SW Mountain Road at 50%. The painters sprayed the shutters in the natural hue color first and when I put it up to the house I couldn’t stand the color. It wasn’t of the soft green that I was hoping to have. It just looked kind of gray/light blue. (The shutters were originally put on backwards, can you see it? It took me awhile to notice that something was off. They are fixed now.)

The first shutter color (SW Sensible Hue) that was painted. It was not enough green for me. I wanted the color to be a little more saturated.

The doors and hardware are also completely done. Everything has been delayed in 2020, including hardware. We got one door handle quickly, the other one took months, luckily it was the dummy knob and we could still have a functioning front door. I love the new doors. Especially sitting inside in our living room and looking at all of the sunlight coming into our entry way from the front doors. It’s beautiful.

Our doors were purchased from Pella and installed by a team from there. We were very happy with the process. They were knowledgable, fast, efficient and the doors are beautiful.

Front door BEFORE
AFTER but missing a door handle and the trim around the door
Completed door as I switch out the pumpkins for the winter greens in the planters.

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