Grout Stain

Our home could use some bathroom refreshes, but until then, I’m trying to at least clean them up. I used a grout stain in the kids bathroom and it made such a huge difference. But beware, it was a painstaking process. It took a long time and patience, but for a few dollars, it was highly worth it.

You apply the grout stain in the lines of the grout and I used a toothbrush to rub it in. Then you need to let it sit about 15 min before rubbing off the small areas that get onto the actual tile. I used a small cloth and the pressure from my finger to gently remove the excess colorant off the tile. Lots of scrubbing here. I ended up applying 2 coats to the bathroom because I could still see some streaks in the colorant after one application.

I worked at this project over a week probably. I’d work for awhile and when I’d had enough I’d leave the rest for another day.

I found the product at Menards in the tile area. There are lots of different colors to pick from.

Our master bath also needs to be worked on. I just ordered a cleaner off of Amazon that I’m going to try in there. Our bathroom is much larger than the kids’ bath and I’m really hoping it works and would be faster.

Here are some BEFORE and AFTERS:

BEFORE: (Trim is in process of being changed over and painted here, too)

DURING: Can you see the area around the toilet and on the left side is done?

More DURING: The upper half of the photo is done


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