Window frost cling

Here’s an easy project!

When we moved into our house we had two bathroom with nice windows/natural light, but the windows were covered with shutters. The shutters were rarely opened (because they are bathrooms) so the rooms were just dark all of the time. I can’t stand dark rooms. It’s so depressing to me. Please bring me all of the light!

Enter an easy solution, window frost from amazon. The window cling was easy to install and it looks pretty nice. You need an exacto type knife to cut the cling to fit your window, then a little water for the cling to adhere to and a tool to press and smooth the cling onto the window. It’s been on our windows over a year and we’ve had no issues. Light beautifully filters in, but no one can see a thing!

Below you can see the shutter covering the window. When we had the trim replaced I had the shutters removed.

Current look with the frosted window cling:

And our new toilet which I was so excited about! Sad maybe when that’s exciting? Adulthood? Now I see I need to do a little paint touch up. Our old toilet was original to the house and wasn’t working well anymore.
Current state of the bathroom. It has come a long way. Stripped wallpaper, new paint, new mirrors, new hardware, clean grout, painted cabinets and scraped and smoothed ceiling.

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