New Trim Facelift

The trim in the house was original to the 1970’s and again seemed to lack the character I was desiring for the home. It was thin and seemed disproportionate to the size of the house, rooms and halls. We moved here from a 1920’s home with all of the character you could dream of, and I was missing it. The downstairs trim had all been painted a creamy white at some point prior to us moving in, but the upstairs trim was all the original wood.

We hired painters and carpenters to paint and install new trim throughout the entire house. Picking the trim was easy, I wanted it to look similar to our 1920’s previous home. Picking the trim color was difficult. There are so many white options. I ended up selecting SW Pure White. It’s clean and bright and doesn’t have yellow in it. The project was a big job. It took them a couple of weeks and due to delays we had construction happening off and on for about a month. The trim was painted off site and then installed and a final coat was painted after installation.

The bids for this job were all over the place. I highly recommend you get several bids before tackling any job and ask your friends for referrals and reviews, they can be your best sources. We’re very pleased with the results of this project and find we forget quickly what the house even looked like before. The house becomes more modernized with each project we tackle.

You may be thinking why not move or build? Why change so many things? We liked the location of our house and a new home build would put us in areas that are farther from the city than we would like to be. The only homes available in this area require you to buy and renovate. One project at a time, or the whole thing if you’re fortunate!

The hardest thing I have found with doing projects one at a time is deciding in which sequence to do them. For instance, we also need new windows in most of the house, not immediately, but definitely sometime soon. Ours are drafty and not doing their best work anymore. That project is much more expensive and probably a few years away so we did the trim first. Which means, trim may have be be pulled off and reapplied when new windows are installed. I’m going to worry about that later. Windows may be done over increments anyway, there’s no good way about it. Trim made a bigger impact on updating the house for me which is why we picked that option first. When we replaced the front door they did have to pull trim off and apply new trim but Pella Windows and Doors took excellent care of us and handled that process from start to finish.

Onto before and afters of the trim:

BEFORE we moved in:

AFTER we painted the walls, the new window trim is in place, so this room is in transition (see that dark entryway still….wait for it):

AFTER new trim: (New door also present here. Can you see that light change in the entry way? I love it! Still to come sometime will be new light fixture and new hardware for closet doors)

And an upstairs view of BEFORE:


A BEFORE of the dark closet doors in our upper hallway, this photo was in transition some trim had been replaced:

AFTER: I painted the stair railings myself, I do not recommend. New light fixture and hardware will finish off this update at some point.

Wall color is BM Revere Pewter. Trim is SW Pure White.

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