A beginning

Hi Friends,

Maybe I’m bored and coronavirus is bringing out the crazy ideas. Maybe my creative outlet is needing itched as I haven’t been doing photography for awhile? But I find I am asked for my opinion regularly on a wide variety of subjects: parenting, decorating, design, shopping, deals, etc., so I figured why not share them? I am teased by my family and close friends because I overanalyze decisions and research until I am sure I have exhausted all avenues and landed on the best possible choice. I just have to really make sure there’s nothing else I like better. I rely on many other bloggers who share their honest reviews of things and figured I might as well share my own opinions.

Currently my obsessions are all things home-related. We moved into a “new to us” house two years ago and we hope to make it our home for many years to come. But making the house our own consumes me sometimes. I want to do it right. I want to love my choices for a long time. I want to choose style choices that will last. I want to create a home that I love to be in! I am currently waiting on some big projects to get going around the house and scouring Pinterest and the internet in the mean time for other ideas or just to make sure we picked the right things.

So here I am thinking you may want to hear my opinions, see our photos and enjoy the ride along with us! Plus some other scattered reviews of things totally unrelated because if I find I love something I want to share! ~ Enjoy!

Personally, Poppe

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